Brittany Vogel

November 3rd!

Candidate for New York State Assembly's
107th District


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Supports A1248 which invokes Article V to call a constitutional convention to amend the constitution to overturn Citizen's United and get money out of politics.

Supports A1282A Anti-Corruption Amendment

Supports Campaign Finance Reform

Healthcare (2).png

Supports A5248A NY Health Act

Eliminate Copays, deductibles, and premiums for all New Yorkers.

Vision, Dental, Mental Health, and Long Term Care.

Supports A2954 Safe Staffing Act


Utilize the CLCPA Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

Supports Immediate Closure of the Dunn Landfill 

Supports A2655 Closing Hazardous Waste Loopholes for oil and gas

Energy Efficiency for all public buildings and transportation

Justice Reform (1).png

Supports A1617 Marijuana and Taxation Act

Supports A2500 HALT Solitary Confinement

Drug Addiction as a Healthcare issue not a criminal issue.

Focusing on Restorative Justice over Punitive Justice


Full Funding for Public Education

Debt Free Higher Education or

Vocational Schooling

Supports A3586 Nursing Shortage Correction Act- tuition benefits and reimbursement of student loans for registered nurses in NYS.

Abolish Common Core and NYS Regents


Increase new developments for senior housing, veteran housing, and workforce housing. 

Demo/Revitalize abandoned buildings for affordable housing programs.

Provide long term and low interest mortgages through public banking

Voting Rights.png

Supports A82820/S6457 Automatic Voter Registration

Expand Vote by Mail/ Ballot Drop Boxes

Supports A10808 Absentee ballots with no postmark accepted if received day after election

Supports A 10830 Allows absentee ballot defects to be fixed by voter after notified by BOE

Women's Rights.png

Protect Women's Reproductive Freedoms

Supports Reproductive Health Act

Supports A6828 closes sexual harassment loopholes. 

Square Deal.png

Supports A10870 Anti-Trust Act


Supports A07791 to Reinstate 2% Stock Transfer Tax

Supports A4540 Pied-A-Terre tax

Supports A9748 Stock buy back tax

Supports A3976 to close carried interest loophole

Supports A10364 to establish tax brackets for individuals earning over $5M, $10M, and $100M a year.

Supports A10414 Billionaires Wealth Tax

Food Security.png

Supports A1222 to expand the empire state child tax credit

Supports A1055 to provide income tax credit on youth workers.

Supports A3317 to implement (SEED) a food security, empowerment, and economic development program

Drug addiction.png

Access to affordable addiction support groups


Supports A3391 to develop training for screening alcoholism and chemical dependency

Expand Availability of Naloxone and Training  

Next Steps program to assist patients in recovery


Supports A8248 Creating a veterans' mental health and suicide prevention task force to examine, evaluate and determine how to improve mental health and suicide prevention for our veterans.

Supports A2945 to create a peer support program for veterans.

Increase Affordable Veterans Housing Developments

LGBTQA  Rights.png

Supports A3457 Gender Recognition Act

Supports A272 Equal Rights and protections against discrimination

Supports A654 repeals section 240.37 of penal code walking while trans

Supports A1592 to establish policies and procedures regarding the treatment of transgender or gender non-conforming students


Establish a municipal public broadband utility service to connect rural neighborhoods with high speed internet.


Compete with private internet service providers to lower costs.

Creates and maintains local jobs

Provide affordable internet access for at-home learning in the covid era.


Sponsor legislation establishing universal childcare and early learning programs.

Ensure all families can access affordable, high quality childcare regardless of income.

Promotes school readiness for young children in a learning environment, building a foundation for each child to reach their full potential.


Establish $15 Minimum Wage

Protects Unions

Protections for Gig workers

Supports A9008 wage theft protections

Supports A2301 prohibiting mandatory arbitration agreements 

Protect Pensions 


Supports A2301 prohibiting mandatory arbitration agreements 

Supports A6589 establishing the right to repair act

Phasing out factory farming in NY in support of family farming 

Establish Public Food Supply with grants to local farmers to food banks 

Animal Rights.png

Supports A6298 to ban the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores unless from shelters or rescues.

Supports A5040 to ban sale of new apparel products using real animal fur

Supports A3673 to ban permits for animal use in circuses 

Supports A05366 creating an animal abuse registry

Brittany Vogel
Working for the Working People
The People of Rensselaer, Columbia, and Washington County Deserve A Leader That Represents Them.

Brittany comes from the working class of New York. Currently the Assistant Store Manager of a local grocery store in one of the poorest areas of her district, she is on the front lines and witness to the everyday struggles of working people. 


Brittany is looking to make a difference in the lives of the people in New York. She has the vision, experience, insight, and perspective that is lacking in our state government, and will work to represent our people's interests in our Assembly, not the donors. 


Brittany is ready to fight for us. Will you join her?

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