Why I'm Running

I don't want to wait for politicians to address the issues that make working people's lives harder. In order to get the leadership we need, we must elect someone who understands everyday struggles.


Nobody should work full-time and still live paycheck to paycheck. This was my parents' reality as they raised me and my sister in Rotterdam New York, and it is still a reality for too many people in our community, nearly three decades on. At 16, inspired by my parents' work ethic, I began bagging groceries in order to help ease their financial burden. I could have continued in this position, living paycheck to paycheck as my parents did. However, I decided to change my own narrative. Through my own self-reliance, I seized opportunities to improve my life and to live up to my innate potential as an effective leader. 


In 2014 I graduated from Hudson Valley Community College with a degree in Business Administration. With this invaluable and affordable education, I was able to move up the ladder in my workplace, earning the position of Assistant Store Manager.


My fingers are on the pulse of our community and its' struggles. Today, I lead a team of 120+ essential workers as we navigate the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, I support my team and community as we come to terms with the demands and challenges of this crisis and its inevitable impact on our district. 


If elected, I will help working people in my district realize and experience their own potential. I promise to continue to put service first and prioritize my constituents and their individual needs. I will implement innovative solutions to everyday problems that lay unresolved in our district.


Please join our local Democratic Party Committees, the Working Families Party, Eleanor’s Legacy, and Run for Something in supporting my candidacy. Together, we can improve lives for the people of Rensselaer, Washington and Columbia Counties.