Policy that works for the working people

Get Money Out of Politics/ Anti-Corruption Agenda

Getting Money out of our political

Childhood Poverty and Food Insecurity

Brittany has been involved with Childhood Poverty and Food Insecurity issues for several years, When she was 23 she founded Upstate Cakes for Kids, which makes birthday cakes for children living in poverty. Over the years Upstate Cakes for Kids has made hundreds of birthday cakes for children when their families couldn't afford one, and worked with several non-profit organizations in our community to serve our kids in need. 

Brittany has also been involved with the Regional food bank of Northeastern New York and our local food pantries, taking a district lead spot with her company as they partner to provide food to pantries all across New York. Brittany has spent hours volunteering at the land patroon farm and their distribution center, as well as her local pantry, helping provide food to families in need.

As your Assemblywoman Brittany will work to ensure our non-profit organizations that serve children get the funding they need, and look for ways to invest in our children so they can lead successful lives.

Address Climate Change 

Unlike many of the politicians elected today, Brittany fully accepts the challenge that Climate Change will bring to our state. Brittany's generation and those after will be the ones dealing with the realities of climate change, and she is ready to make the changes needed to ensure our state and planet is left healthy and habitable for generations to come.

Brittany will use her position to advocate for a federal green new deal program that will invest in the infrastructure and technology needed for our state to revitalize our economy.and make the changes we need to adapt to a changing climate. Brittany will make sure our government is proactive against the imminent threats of climate change and help our state be a leader in renewable technologies.

As your Assemblywoman Brittany will help our state divest all public money from the oil and gas industry. We will end all corporate subsidies for oil and gas, while providing incentives for our renewable technologies. We will prevent any further fossil fuel infrastructure projects from continuing in our state including the proposed National Grid E37 pipeline that would add gas pipelines in both East Greenbush and North Greenbush. 

And so many other issues

As your Assemblywoman Brittany will fight:


  • To protect women's rights to reproductive freedom.

  • For Affordable Housing for all New Yorkers

  • To legalize Marijuana and expunge criminal records

  • To address the Opioid epidemic and go after the industry that has caused devastation to so many families in Upstate New York

  • To establish and maintain inclusive equal rights for all New Yorkers

  • To support the HALT solitary confinement legislation

  • For Automatic Voter Registration

  • Full funding for all public schools

  • For Universal Child Care