Brittany Vogel Announces Campaign for the 107th Assembly District in 2020.

For Immediate Release:

February 4, 2020

Working Class Leader and Brunswick resident, Brittany Vogel, has announced her candidacy for the November 2020 election for New York State Assembly of the 107th District which includes Rensselaer, Columbia, and Washington county.

Brittany is not a career politician, she has spent the 11 years working in retail, working her way up through management, becoming an assistant store manager of a local grocery store. A leadership position that has given her a window into the lives of the working people as she has watched their struggle get harder and harder.

Brittany went to Hudson Valley Community College and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Because of the rising costs of tuition and living expenses, she made the decision not to continue further.

At 23 Brittany began Upstate Cakes for Kids. A small non-profit that makes birthday cakes for children living in poverty. Because Brittany had acquired cake decorating skills through her job, she was compelled to use her abilities for good. Her and her volunteers have made hundreds of cakes for kids in our community working with several non-profits that serve children.

Brittany is jumping into politics because no one has been representing the people she serves. With the leadership skills she has developed over the years, she knows she can do better for her people. She understands now that the only way we will get the representation we deserve, is by running ourselves.

You can follow Brittany’s campaign at:

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